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SDR Mactan Apartments was founded in 2004 by Fred and Barney, close buddies who have been successful in a number of businesses. Like our founders, we have always believed in delivering way more than our customers expect. We make sure that our businesses benefit all stakeholders, customers, staff, and the local community.

SDR Philosophy

Our philosophy is truly simple: create a win-win situation for all. SDR Mactan Apartments reflects our beliefs.

For example, we DO NOT charge you the sneaky “10% Service Charge” found on every item, including room charges, at most hotels. We will not surprise you with GST (government service tax) added to your bill. You will not be ripped off for Internet on an hourly or daily basis.

SDR’s high-speed 4MB cable Internet (which is probably the fastest in the entire province of Cebu) in our rooms is completely FREE 24/7! And because it is 4MB and via cable, it is lighting-fast (and secure) when compared to a Wi-Fi connection or other cable connections. SDR also provide complimentary airport pick-ups for all of our guests and we’ll even throw in our smiles for free! We want you to feel at ease and feel the warmth of our service.

SDR delivers way more than you would expect and SDR wants you to stay in paradise longer for less. Our promise is a home away from home in paradise. Come see the difference for yourself.

The SDR Difference

Cebu CondotelSDR apartments are bigger than most Cebu hotel rooms and have a well-equipped kitchen, giving you an option to cook your meals instead of dining out to expensive restaurants all the time. We are conveniently located minutes from the airport, close to Mactan Island beaches and diving spots, a modern supermarket, a mall, a yacht club, an 18-hole golf course, and fabulous restaurants. Check out our Amenities, Location, Photos, and Videos to see why SDR Apartments are better than most Cebu hotels.

We also have SDR Tours guaranteed to make your Cebu visit full of fun and great memories.

Staying at SDR Apartments during your Cebu travel will allow you to save money right from the start. Come and experience Cebu firsthand and understand why Cebu Island has blossomed into a remarkable travel destination. SDR will help you stay longer in Cebu for less!

Contact us today for reservations and see why our customers have voted us #1 on tripadvisor.com for specialty accommodation in Cebu.

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