12 Ways to Enjoy Summer in Cebu


As a tropical country, the Philippines is blessed with wonderful summers. In the heart of the country, Cebu awaits in all its island glory with many things to offer. In this time of year, tourists from all over the archipelago and the world flock to this small island to enjoy the summer sun.

If you’re spending summer in Cebu, you may want to book your stay first. But don’t worry, there’s no shortage of accommodation here. From five-star hotels to Mactan serviced apartments, you’ll find them here. 

Once you’ve booked your stay, take note of these fun ways to spend summer on the island.

Hit the beach

When people hear the word Cebu, they’ll immediately think of the beach. After all, Cebu is an island. Naturally, it’s dotted with many gorgeous beaches. There’s no better way to spend summer on this tropical paradise but to hit its beautiful shores. There are a lot of places to choose from. You can up north or down south.

Stay at a private resort or hotel

If you have quite the budget for your summer escapade, why not indulge and book a stay at a private resort or one of the high-end hotels in Mactan Island? When it comes to Cebu accommodation, the island has some of the finest to offer. But there’s no rulebook out there that says luxurious hotels and resorts are only for tourists. Many locals today spend their short vacations this way.

Go island hopping

Another popular summer activity in this part of the country is island hopping. In fact, people can enjoy island hopping even when it’s not summer. Boats are available all year round. Some of the top spots to visit include Nalusuan, Hilutungan, Olango, Malapascua and Pandanon Island. While you’re at it, you can also go snorkeling or scuba diving.

Camp out with friends

Camping has been the thing in Cebu lately. And the best thing is that there are several places where you can pitch your tents and enjoy some camp time. Some people head down to the beach (Lambug Beach in Badian is a favourite) and others go up the mountain (Osmeña Peak hello!) for a more adventurous and outdoorsy vibe.

Go on a road trip

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a road trip. Some of the best escapades start with a car ride with some of your closest friends. Whether you decide to go north or south, you’ll never run out of places to go. The best perk of road tripping in Cebu is that there are numerous stops along the way. Before you head out though, make sure you know how to get ready for the road ahead.

Get in touch with nature

Cebu is one place in the country where you can enjoy nature at its best. One way to connect with nature is to see and experience some its most beautiful creations – waterfalls. Apart from beaches, the island of Cebu is blessed with a number of waterfalls and not just ordinary waterfalls, but fantastic ones. Some of the must-visits include Mantayupan, Kawasan, Aguinid, Inambakan and Tumalog.

Go on an adventure

There are many ways to have an adventure in Cebu if you know where to go. For trekking and hiking enthusiasts, Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete awaits. A favourite among campers, the place is a great spot to watch the sunrise. Canyoneering in Badian and Alegria has also become a must-do for the adventure-hungry. Papa Kit’s in Liloan offers a variety of outdoor activities like zip lining, horseback riding, wall climbing and ATV riding.

Work on your fitness goals

For those who aim to get healthier, now is a good time to get started. Get on that new exercise routine or simply go for a run. You don’t have to worry if you can’t afford to go to a gym. There’s always the Cebu City Sports Complex, Cebu Business Park, IT Park and Fuente Osmeña.

Head to the mall

If you’re not the outdoor adventure type and would prefer to stay in the city, going to the mall is a good option. It’s an inexpensive way to stay cool amidst the heat. Fortunately, Cebu City now has a number of large malls giving you enough options. Go buy that outfit you’ve been wanting to have or catch up on the latest movies.

Have some pamper time

Too much work can get to you. This summer, reward yourself with some pampering. Get a full body massage, a foot scrub or any spa treatment. Getting pampered will not only make you feel relaxed, this will also give you some quiet time and get you revitalized for all your summer activities.

Enjoy some cold desserts

What better way to beat the summer heat than to have some cold desserts? A serving of halo-halo, anyone? Or maybe two. Maybe even more, depending on how much you can take. There’s also ice cream and fresh fruit shakes. Enjoying cold treats with your friends this season is a simple way to have fun without spending too much.

Get a taste of Cebu

If there’s one thing Cebu is known for (in addition to beaches) it’s the food. It is home to the world-famous lechon, nonetheless. With its exquisite dishes and delicious delicacies, the city offers an unforgettable culinary experience for everyone. From affordable street food, high-end restaurants, eat-all-you can buffets to boodle fight, it’s all here.

Cebu is indeed a great place to spend your summer. One thing you have to remember though is that having fun doesn’t have to be expensive. If you find something interesting and worth your while, go for it and have a blast!

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