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8 Under-the-Radar Beaches in Cebu

When you say the word “Cebu”, most people will almost always equate it with “beach” (if not Sinulog or lechon). Indeed, this island located in the heart of the Philippines is noted for its spectacular beaches.

Through this post, we’d like to make life easier for beach freaks from around the world who are planning to visit Cebu any time soon.

By now, you may have found lots of posts listing the most visited beaches on the island. So we’ll skip the popular ones and share some under the radar beaches which are equally awesome.

8 Under-the-Radar Beaches in Cebu

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6 Fun Activities To Do When in Bantayan Island

Cebu is surrounded by several islands, each gifted with magnificent beaches that can easily charm visitors. One of these is Bantayan Island. Located in Cebu’s northwestern tip, the island is a tourist favorite.

At SDR, we offer a Bantayan Island Tour package for your ultimate Cebu experience. Take the tour with some of your best buddies and experience the island life like never before.

Wondering what you can do in this small tropical paradise?

Here are some fun things you can do in Bantayan Island.

  1. Get some serious beach time.

If there’s one thing Bantayan Island is known for, it’s the beach. The place is abundantly blessed with beautiful shores and rich waters. With its powdery sand and aquamarine waters, there is no saying no to the island’s beaches. More than being great swimming spots, Bantayan’s beaches are also some of the best places to see the sunrise. Trust us when we say visiting the island for a few hours or days will make you want to stay for good.

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