6 Fun Activities To Do When in Bantayan Island

Cebu is surrounded by several islands, each gifted with magnificent beaches that can easily charm visitors. One of these is Bantayan Island. Located in Cebu’s northwestern tip, the island is a tourist favorite.

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Wondering what you can do in this small tropical paradise?

Here are some fun things you can do in Bantayan Island.

  1. Get some serious beach time.

If there’s one thing Bantayan Island is known for, it’s the beach. The place is abundantly blessed with beautiful shores and rich waters. With its powdery sand and aquamarine waters, there is no saying no to the island’s beaches. More than being great swimming spots, Bantayan’s beaches are also some of the best places to see the sunrise. Trust us when we say visiting the island for a few hours or days will make you want to stay for good.

  1. Go island hopping.

Bantayan Island is actually just one of the Bantayan group of islands. These spectacular islands make island hopping an ideal activity for tourists when visiting. Two of the most popular islands are Silion Island (known as Virgin Island to locals) and Hilutungan Island. Visitors come to these islands to have picnics, have an awesome time swimming and take cool underwater photos.

With its diverse marine life, Bantayan Island is a fantastic diving spot. Snorkeling, scuba diving and freediving are some of the most favorite activities on the island making it a great place for avid divers. You can explore the beautiful world underwater using simple snorkeling gear or dive deeper using full diving equipment. Discover the many wonderful creatures underwater only this side of the world can offer.

  1. Visit Ogtong Cave.

A popular spot frequently visited by tourists and Cebu locals alike is Ogtong Cave. If you want to experience swimming in a natural pool with crystal clear freshwater then this underground cavern is the place to be. It’s an unforgettable cave experience for nature lovers and not the scary kind (the cave doesn’t have bats). It’s an excellent place to take memorable photos.

The cheapest way to go around town is to go biking. Not only do you get to see the place, you also get to exercise. Cruise the streets and check out the different resorts in the island. If you want to explore as a group, you may also rent a trisikad at an affordable price. There are lots of trisikad owners who are willing to rent out their vehicle at reasonable rates.

  1. See old churches and heritage houses.

In addition to their pristine beaches, old churches built back in the 1500s are some of the treasures of Bantayan Island. Centuries old, these buildings hold so much history and culture. If you’re the kind who’s into history, you can take a glimpse of the past by visiting the churches. See the beauty of these religious establishments with walls made of coral stones.

The best time to visit Bantayan Island is from January to June when the weather is generally sunny and dry. You’ll get to make the most of your time on the island and do as much stuff as you can.

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