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Top 10 Cebu Tourist Spots You Need to See First


Before going off the beaten path, the traveler must see the heart of the place and this list of Cebu tourist spots make for the perfect guide. A beautiful archipelago in the Pacific, the Philippines makes for an interesting tourist destination where east meets west. It’s a gem where remnants of the European age of exploration meets Pinoy culture meets high-rises and the nightlife. With more than 7,000 islands, the country never runs short of breathtaking sceneries.

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SDR Apartments: Your Home for the Sinulog Season

Some say there are three seasons in Cebu – sunny, rainy, and Sinulog.

In case you’re completely clueless of what Sinulog is, here’s what you need to know:

Sinulog is a festival held on the third Sunday of January every year in honor of the Santo Niño, Cebu’s patron saint. This world-famous festival is one of the biggest and grandest in the Philippines.

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Though the main event takes place on the weekend, it’s basically a week-long celebration comprising of religious activities and street parties. A 9-day novena mass is held at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. On Sunday, a grand parade takes over the streets of Cebu City with participants hailing from different parts of the country – each team offering a majestic display of colorful costumes and spectacular props. At night, the city transforms into a huge party zone.

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SDR Apartments: More than Just Premium Accommodation

SDR Apartments offer premium accommodation in the island of Mactan. Our fully furnished apartments are the finest on the island, ensuring our guests ultimate convenience and comfort during their stay.

But we don’t stop there. There’s a lot more to SDR than budget accommodation. Our team offers a variety of tour packages for you to explore Cebu in the best way possible.


Cebu City Tour

Cebu has a lot of historical landmarks and attractions that greatly contribute to its culture. Additionally, Mactan is hailed as a historic resort city where one of the first and most epic battles in the country took place. Take the chance to visit the various historic spots in this part of the archipelago.

Taking a day tour is a great way to start off your exploration of the tropical gem that is Cebu. At SDR Apartments, we have a tour package that covers many of the top attractions in Cebu and Mactan. Through our Twin City Tour, you and your companions can go around these two cities with ease. Our tour includes pickup and drop off at SDR Apartments (or your hotel), private transportation, all entrance fees, and a licensed tour guide.

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8 Under-the-Radar Beaches in Cebu

When you say the word “Cebu”, most people will almost always equate it with “beach” (if not Sinulog or lechon). Indeed, this island located in the heart of the Philippines is noted for its spectacular beaches.

Through this post, we’d like to make life easier for beach freaks from around the world who are planning to visit Cebu any time soon.

By now, you may have found lots of posts listing the most visited beaches on the island. So we’ll skip the popular ones and share some under the radar beaches which are equally awesome.

8 Under-the-Radar Beaches in Cebu

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6 Fun Activities To Do When in Bantayan Island

Cebu is surrounded by several islands, each gifted with magnificent beaches that can easily charm visitors. One of these is Bantayan Island. Located in Cebu’s northwestern tip, the island is a tourist favorite.

At SDR, we offer a Bantayan Island Tour package for your ultimate Cebu experience. Take the tour with some of your best buddies and experience the island life like never before.

Wondering what you can do in this small tropical paradise?

Here are some fun things you can do in Bantayan Island.

  1. Get some serious beach time.

If there’s one thing Bantayan Island is known for, it’s the beach. The place is abundantly blessed with beautiful shores and rich waters. With its powdery sand and aquamarine waters, there is no saying no to the island’s beaches. More than being great swimming spots, Bantayan’s beaches are also some of the best places to see the sunrise. Trust us when we say visiting the island for a few hours or days will make you want to stay for good.

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