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6 of the Coolest Summer Events in Cebu this 2016

Summer. Hair gets lighter. Drinks get colder. Sun gets hotter. Days get longer. Life gets better.

It’s that time of year yet again. Your social media feeds are flooded with bikini posts and beach getaways. What are you up to this summer?

If you’re in Cebu or planning to come for a visit, you won’t run out of things to do. There are many ways to enjoy summer in Cebu. On top of that, the island is host to some of the coolest summer events this year. So if you’re done searching for the best hotels in Cebu, take note of these awesome events that you should look out for.


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12 Ways to Enjoy Summer in Cebu


As a tropical country, the Philippines is blessed with wonderful summers. In the heart of the country, Cebu awaits in all its island glory with many things to offer. In this time of year, tourists from all over the archipelago and the world flock to this small island to enjoy the summer sun.

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SDR Apartments: Your Home for the Sinulog Season

Some say there are three seasons in Cebu – sunny, rainy, and Sinulog.

In case you’re completely clueless of what Sinulog is, here’s what you need to know:

Sinulog is a festival held on the third Sunday of January every year in honor of the Santo Niño, Cebu’s patron saint. This world-famous festival is one of the biggest and grandest in the Philippines.

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Though the main event takes place on the weekend, it’s basically a week-long celebration comprising of religious activities and street parties. A 9-day novena mass is held at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. On Sunday, a grand parade takes over the streets of Cebu City with participants hailing from different parts of the country – each team offering a majestic display of colorful costumes and spectacular props. At night, the city transforms into a huge party zone.

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