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7 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from the Summer Heat

Summer is upon us. Though we love the sunny weather for allowing us to do fun activities like swimming, camping, road tripping and all sorts of outdoor adventures, the summer heat can also be quite extreme.


Too much exposure to the sun can be damaging to the skin. Exposure to heat can have serious effects on your health in general. This season, it’s best to be safe than sorry. So, to protect yourself from the summer heat, take note of these helpful tips.

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SDR Apartments: Your Home for the Sinulog Season

Some say there are three seasons in Cebu – sunny, rainy, and Sinulog.

In case you’re completely clueless of what Sinulog is, here’s what you need to know:

Sinulog is a festival held on the third Sunday of January every year in honor of the Santo Niño, Cebu’s patron saint. This world-famous festival is one of the biggest and grandest in the Philippines.

Image by:
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Though the main event takes place on the weekend, it’s basically a week-long celebration comprising of religious activities and street parties. A 9-day novena mass is held at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. On Sunday, a grand parade takes over the streets of Cebu City with participants hailing from different parts of the country – each team offering a majestic display of colorful costumes and spectacular props. At night, the city transforms into a huge party zone.

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SDR Apartments: More than Just Premium Accommodation

SDR Apartments offer premium accommodation in the island of Mactan. Our fully furnished apartments are the finest on the island, ensuring our guests ultimate convenience and comfort during their stay.

But we don’t stop there. There’s a lot more to SDR than budget accommodation. Our team offers a variety of tour packages for you to explore Cebu in the best way possible.


Cebu City Tour

Cebu has a lot of historical landmarks and attractions that greatly contribute to its culture. Additionally, Mactan is hailed as a historic resort city where one of the first and most epic battles in the country took place. Take the chance to visit the various historic spots in this part of the archipelago.

Taking a day tour is a great way to start off your exploration of the tropical gem that is Cebu. At SDR Apartments, we have a tour package that covers many of the top attractions in Cebu and Mactan. Through our Twin City Tour, you and your companions can go around these two cities with ease. Our tour includes pickup and drop off at SDR Apartments (or your hotel), private transportation, all entrance fees, and a licensed tour guide.

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8 Under-the-Radar Beaches in Cebu

When you say the word “Cebu”, most people will almost always equate it with “beach” (if not Sinulog or lechon). Indeed, this island located in the heart of the Philippines is noted for its spectacular beaches.

Through this post, we’d like to make life easier for beach freaks from around the world who are planning to visit Cebu any time soon.

By now, you may have found lots of posts listing the most visited beaches on the island. So we’ll skip the popular ones and share some under the radar beaches which are equally awesome.

8 Under-the-Radar Beaches in Cebu

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Best Massage in Cebu

Best massage in Cebu

Nuat Thai Massage in Cebu offers great value with 1 hour massage priced from just PHP150. The  branch I think is very consistent is located in Mactan Island near the airport (opposite Starbucks).  Be warned, book before you go. They do a roaring trade.

Best massage in Cebu

Best massage in Cebu

Best Pizza in Cebu

Best Pizza in Cebu

La Bella Napoli is our humble opinion is the best pizza in Cebu. It was also awarded the prized ‘Sun Star award for “Best Pizza in Cebu”. Now that is saying something, if you know anything about the quality of the competition in Cebu. La Bella, makes pizzas using traditional Italian methods; Napoli to be precise. Think: thin crust, very little toppings and that wonderful balance between crust and chewy dough.

With three branches in Cebu each person may have their favorite branch. Mine is of course the branch at SDR Apartments. Super convenient.  A great place to hang out ‘al-fresco’ or in the air-conditioned restaurant and enjoy Cebu’s award-winning Pizza.  La Bella Pizza Mactan also has some very good value Italian red and white wines. For those that like a chilled beer, San Miguel products are available. My favourite is the San Mig. Super Dry. Similar in taste to a Japanese beer such as Kirin, the crispness goes very well with pizza.

Go say hi to La Bella Pizza and Bistro manager and personality Tony.  Tony along with his team will make you feel like you are at home.

Contact: 032 421 1234 (SDR Apartments @ Kiener Hills Mactan)

La Bella Napoli Cebu

Best Pizza in Cebu



The Best Lechon in Cebu (BBQ Pig)

The best lechon in Cebu

“The Best Pig Ever” stated celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain

For those in the know, ‘lechon’ is BBQ. Usually over hot coals. And one of the best places in the world to try BBQ is Cebu. Cebuanos are very proud of their lechon. Most families have a proprietary special recipe. Grilling a lechon pig can take up to 6 – 8 hours depending on who is cooking.

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Cebu Yacht Club

Cebu Yacht Club for drinks and food


An extensive menu on offer and always super chilled beers, Cebu Yacht Club is probably the best kept secret for a sundowner!  Overlooking an impressive array of yachts, with the mountains of Cebu draped in the background, CYC is a great place to relax after a hard day in paradise.


Cebu Yacht Club on Mactan Isalnd

Starbucks Mactan Island

Starbucks Mactan Island offers a great stop off point to the Airport. Located just 3 minutes from the airport, Starbucks Mactan Island on Airport Road is a great way to hang out stress free whilst waiting for a flight or friends to arrive.

Starbucks near the airport

Meximama Cebu Opens at Marina Mall

Meximama Cebu Takes Mactan Island by Storm

Meximama at Marina Mall

Great Mexican food for less

Meximama Cebu has taken us by storm since its opening. Tucked away in a quiet part of Marina Mall near the rear car park, the place rocks if you want authentic ‘Taco Truck’ style Mexican.

Soft tacos Carnitos are my favourite and at PHP75 for two, are an inexpensive way to get your fill. Most of the items on the menu are great and the staff there warm and friendly.