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12 Ways to Enjoy Summer in Cebu


As a tropical country, the Philippines is blessed with wonderful summers. In the heart of the country, Cebu awaits in all its island glory with many things to offer. In this time of year, tourists from all over the archipelago and the world flock to this small island to enjoy the summer sun.

If you’re spending summer in Cebu, you may want to book your stay first. But don’t worry, there’s no shortage of accommodation here. From five-star hotels to Mactan serviced apartments, you’ll find them here.  Continue reading »

Prepping for Your Island Escapade: Island Hopping Essentials

Basking in the sun for hours. Frolicking on the beach with friends. Snorkeling and exploring the colorful world underwater. What a way to take a break from the busy life.

You can experience all these when you go island hopping in Cebu. But before you go on that adventure, you need to prepare yourself. As with any outdoor activity, you should be all geared up.


We’ve come up with a list of some island hopping must-haves to make your experience truly enjoyable.

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