Top 10 Cebu Tourist Spots You Need to See First


Before going off the beaten path, the traveler must see the heart of the place and this list of Cebu tourist spots make for the perfect guide. A beautiful archipelago in the Pacific, the Philippines makes for an interesting tourist destination where east meets west. It’s a gem where remnants of the European age of exploration meets Pinoy culture meets high-rises and the nightlife. With more than 7,000 islands, the country never runs short of breathtaking sceneries.

When In the Isle of Divergence – Must-See Cebu Tourist Spots

One island shares a great uniqueness, however, that tourists from neighboring provinces and abroad recognize. Cebu is a beautiful island with its own sense of pride, being the center of activity in the south. It’s also a center of the Philippines’ parallelisms – where city life meets the urban buzz, where you can go mountain trekking on one weekend and scuba diving the next. It’s where the past meets the present. It has a thriving metro with nature just an hour or two away. Cebu might be the very summary of the country’s beauty. As you explore these Cebu tourist spots, you might discover the very heart of the country.

  • Pescador Island of Moalboal

This island of the south has its own diving paradises and Pescador Island is one. Our country belongs to the coral triangle, an area of Asia where marine life is abundant due to well-preserved corals. With up to a 50-meter visibility on the best days, get the chance to swim with schools of fishes, dolphins, frog fish, barracuda, jellyfish and more.

  • Tumalog Falls in Oslob

Have a cold shower in the middle of nature, surrounded by tall trees and towering rock formations. This island alone has a treasure of varying terrains and a good list of Cebu tourist spots takes you across these, one of which are waterfalls. The best time to visit is during the rainy season to see it at its grandest, especially the day after a night of rain. During the dry season, there’s hardly any water.

  • Basilica del Sto. Niño

One of the oldest churches in the country, the parish stands as a symbol of the country’s conversion to the Roman Catholic religion and the beginning of Spanish colonization. The nation’s culture has been greatly shaped by it since then and it all began in Cebu. Religion continues to play a huge role in the lives of Filipinos today with traditions dating centuries back.

  • Magellan’s Cross

It may be a small area with only a few minutes necessary but it’s a central part of the country’s history. It was with this cross that Magellan, the first Spaniard to successfully build ties with Filipino natives, marked the locals’ acceptance of Christianity. Magellan’s expedition would be cut short with a sudden death in the hands of a native in a nearby island but his visit began the greatest change in the country. It’s situated right in front of the Basilica del Sto. Niño, one of the previously mentioned Cebu tourist spots.

  • Fort San Pedro along A. Pigafetta Street

This Spanish fort was built in the 16th century by Cebuanos forced into labor. This military structure has seen great battles over the years as other nations conquered the Philippines and locals continued to fight for freedom. Cebu was one of the key areas with locally-based leaders having great influence over the nation’s revolution. This history the fort witnessed makes it unique among Cebu tourist spots and attractions. Behind these walls are tales of courage, cruelty, love of country, greed, and a land once marred with blood and bullets but now stands free.

  • Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills

Long before Westerners arrived on Philippine shores, natives were already trading with some Asian neighbors. The Chinese were one of them and eventually, some settled on the island.  The temple, along with others mostly located in the metro, reflects the long-standing relations of Filipinos and a history that began long before what’s recognized by world history. For a well-rounded culture trip, this is a must for Cebu tourist spots.

  • Museo Sugbo along M.J. Cuenco, Tejero

Translated, it literally means Museum of Cebu in Spanish. See different artifacts spanning several centuries from silverware to old government documents, and if you don’t mind the slightly morbid, bones and coffins used by pagan-worshipping Filipinos. If you’re short of time to visit other cultural Cebu tourist spots. The place housing this museum has a very interesting history of its own. It was originally the Cárcel de Cebú or Cebu Provincial Jail whose several of its residents were executed in the Carreta Cemetery close by. Rumor has it that its blocks came from a demolished parish of the 1700s. Later in the eighties, it was used as the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center.

  • Kalanggaman Islet off the coast of Malapascua

It’s the postcard definition of paradise — a stunning long white sandbar with a thick foliage of trees on one end, crystal clear waters all around and vast blue sky up above. What more could you expect this close to the Pacific? This is only one of the beautiful islands that would litter a complete list of Cebu tourist spots to see.

  • Oslob Whale Watching

The best way to experience nature is to spend time in it – or in this case, with it. Glimpse these majestic, friendly beasts of the ocean. For an additional fee, you can swim with them. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. When you’re in the middle of wild marine life, best to enjoy the ocean as much as they do.

  • Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete

See Cebu from the top! It’s the highest peak in the province and part of the Mantalungon mountain range. The route makes for a beautiful trek across several jagged summits. Ready your pockets with some change, though. A popular destination, hikers are charged with an entrance fee. There’s a ready campsite with a bunkhouse and toilet available that you can use but also for a fee. Given the stunning horizon, it would be more than worth it.

Cebu tourist spots will fill any traveler’s wanderlust. This island metro has a lot of sights and to-dos to keep you busy but to truly experience the country, take a trip to the best tourist spots in the Philippines. Every place will show you a different story of the country that will be no less mesmerizing.


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