Philippine Visa Information

VISA Extension (Updated!)

Good News! Foreigners can stay up to 18 months in the Philippines. You will be given an initial 21-day Visa upon arrival to the Philippines. YOU DON’T NEED TO GET A VISA PRIOR TO ARRIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES.

If you wish to extend beyond the initial 21 days, the first extension will give you another 38 days. Before the extension expires, you can already apply for a further (6) six-months extension and so on. If you wish to learn more about Visa information and costs, please visit the Philippine Immigration Department.

Extending a 21-Day Visa

Upon arrival, you will be given an initial 21-day Visa. Within the first 21 days, you need to visit the Immigration Department in Cebu to apply for the first extension (38 days).

Waiting time at the Immigration Department is anywhere from an hour to more than 6 hours. SDR is happy to do the entire process for just Php 500 handling charge plus the actual cost of the Visa. We will go to the Immigration office on your behalf, do the waiting around while the officials process your passport so you can relax and explore Cebu.

As long as you give the SDR office staff your passport, home address, and place of birth by 9 am, we can deliver your passport back to your room with official receipts the following day. If after 9 am, it will be a two-day process.

SDR helps our guests stay longer in paradise!

NOTE: SDR provides the above information for our guests’ benefits. We are not responsible for inaccurate information or changes in policies of government agencies, airlines, or the airport authorities.

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