FAQ’s SDR Serviced Apartments and Hotels in Cebu

Facilities, Check IN/OUT, and Transportation
What’s the difference between an SDR apartment and a hotel room?

Hotels give you a tiny room with a small bathroom and no kitchen. SDR, on the other hand, provides you a spacious one-bedroom or one extra large- or two-bedroom loft that is fully-fitted and furnished, each with a spacious bathroom, large balcony, living and dining areas, spacious kitchen area with cabinets, free Internet, personal digital telephone, cable TV, DVD player (and a selection of DVD movies), full-sized refrigerator, microwave oven, LPG gas dual-burner stove, toaster, rice cooker, 7-piece cookware set, plates, cutlery, drinking water dispenser, and cooking utensils.We don’t have sneaky service charges, GST is included in our published rates, and we also arrange for complimentary airport pick-ups for all SDR guests. Because we provide you with cooking facilities and a full-sized refrigerator, you don’t always have to go to a restaurant or buy drinks in a hotel mini bar. For more details on our amenities and what makes us different from Cebu hotels, check out our Amenities page.SDR helps you stay longer in Cebu longer for less than the amount you would incur should you be staying in a hotel. From the moment you check in, you are a member of a “community” rather than just a “guest” in a hotel. You can immediately begin living like a local and enjoy the substantial cost savings.
Do you have a restaurant, in-room telephones, concierge, and room service?

Yes, SDR apartments has a restaurant downstairs. “La Bella Pizza & Bistro” serves excellent Italian cuisine from early mornings to late at night. All SDR rooms are furnished with personal digital telephone system so you may make economical local and international calls from the comfort of your room. The system also allows you to connect directly to our 24-hr receptionist. And yes, you can go to the SDR office anytime during your stay to get some helpful tips on where to go and what to do in Cebu. We even have a detailed information booklet in each room to give you some ‘insider’ tips on Cebu. We have an award-winning Italian Pizza Bistro downstairs serving sumptuous food from breakfast to late at night. You can also have sumptuous food delivered right to your apartment door between 7 am and 10 pm from the leading restaurants in Mactan: Cafe de France (French bakery and cafe), Magellan’s Landing (English home-style pub food), Gustavian (European) and **La Bella Pizza & Bistro (Award-winning Italian) **located at SDR Apartments
Do you have a business center with a desktop computer?

Yes, SDR has a business area located on the ground floor with desktop computer and both wireless and cable (DSL) Internet connection. SDR guests without their laptops can check their e-mails and surf the Net there.
What time can I check in/out?

You may check in at 2:00 pm, and check out by 12:00 pm on day of departure. Charges will apply to late checkout.
What will SDR charge if I check in earlier or check out late?

We charge PHP 144 per hour for early check-in (subject to room availability). For example, you check in at 6 am (our normal check-in time is 2 pm), we will bill you for 8 hours or PHP 1,152. For late checkout, we charge PHP 240 per hour.
Cooking in SDR Apartment
Can I cook meals in my SDR apartment?

Yes, you can cook meals in our apartments. Each SDR apartment has a kitchen equipped with a dual-burner LPG stove, microwave oven, toaster, rice cooker, cooking implements, and a set of plates and utensils for two people in the studios and for four people in the lofts.There is ample dining space at the tasteful breakfast bar with stools, or you can pull a chair out onto the balcony to dine (or drink) al fresco. We also provide a complimentary hot- and cold-water dispenser. These built-in luxuries give great convenience and afford you great savings from the usual hotel and restaurant “extras” program. SDR means “cost savings.” For a detailed view of the kitchen, check out our Video.
How large is the refrigerator?

Each SDR apartment is equipped with a full-sized fridge with separate freezer compartment. After arrival at SDR, you can shop, stock your fridge and cabinets for your stay, thus immediately enjoying the cost-saving and convenience benefits. No tiny hotel mini–fridge with overpriced beverages here! For a view of the kitchen and the fridge, check out our Video.Note: The modern and complete SM Supermarket is only a five-minute walk from your SDR apartment.
What are the apartment’s cooking facilities?

SDR apartment kitchen facilities include a microwave oven, LPG dual burner stove, toaster oven, rice cooker, 7-piece cookware set, and cooking and eating utensils — everything you need to make a decent home-cooked meal!
Rent and Other Charges
SDR Internet Promo Rate advertises a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment from PHP 1,999 per night,  (GST inclusive) discounts for monthly stays, including free high-speed Internet. Are there any other costs associated with renting?

SDR has NO hidden charges. If you rent an SDR apartment, you don’t pay extra for GST or any 10% service charges that most Cebu hotels charge. You don’t have to pay for utilities as they are all factored into the rates, (except for annual contracts). See Rates for details.Room cleaning is provided twice a week complimentary (includes changing of bed linen, fresh towels, etc.) and laundry services are available on demand at reasonable rates. For dry-cleaning we can recommend local providers. If you require additional room cleaning service, we charge just PHP 384 each time (including changing the linen and fresh towels).Like most establishments, to cover our additional expenses, we charge for additional people staying in the room. Our inclusive rates allow occupancy for a one-bedroom apartment for up to (2) two persons, and for (4) four persons for the loft apartments. For a one-bedroom apartment, we charge PHP 576 per person per night for the 3rd or more persons no matter what the age. For a loft apartment, we charge PHP 576 per person per night for the 4th or more persons regardless of age.
How many people does the rate include?

SDR’s one-bedroom apartment rate is applicable for up to 2 guests while the loft rate is for up to 4 people. Extra persons (unless 12 or under), will incur an additional charge of PHP 576 per person per night. SDR’s rates are inclusive of all utility bills (except for annual contracts, see Rates for details) and include complimentary room cleaning per week and free airport transfers for all guests. Check-in time is 2:00 pm, and checkout time is 12:00 pm.
SDR offers in-house cleaning and laundry services and island hopping tours. How do the charges work?

SDR provides two complimentary room cleaning services per week, which already includes changing of bed linen and bath towels. If you want to have your room cleaned more often, SDR bills PHP 384 for cleaning services on a per visit basis (up to 3 hours).SDR laundry services are charged per piece at very reasonable rates, and your clothes can usually be returned to your apartment on the same day you send them for washing. Leave SDR a laundry basket full of dirty laundry by 10 am, and we will have the clothes returned to your apartment spanking clean, smelling fresh, and neatly folded within the same day! Our rates are published in your room or you can ask our Housekeeping Staff to quote a price. If you require dry-cleaning we would be happy to recommend a provider.As for SDR Tours, we charge either half- or full-day rates for our boat tours wherein you can visit the best Cebu islands. Rates include boat rental, guide, snorkeling equipment, food and drinks. The cost is US$50 per head (minimum of 2 persons).We charge US$75 per hour for our full-day fishing tours (see SDR Game Fishing Tour for full details). We also offer our popular Dive Tours (non-divers are welcome to join), visiting three to four islands in a day; see Cebu Diving for details.Other SDR tours include action-packed Bohol Day Tours for just PHP 3,900 per person, including ferry tickets, lunch, attraction entrance fees, and transfers.

What methods can I use to secure the Internet Promo Rates and reserve my SDR apartment in advance?

Fill in our Reservation Request Form for your requested dates and specify what type of room you require (one-bedroom or large loft with a choice of one huge bedroom or two bedrooms). If your chosen apartment is available, SDR will confirm and provide you the total Internet Promo rental amount. This rate is ONLY valid for advance bookings.The amount you will send shall cover the first month’s rental for month-to-month stay or the actual period of your stay if it is less than a month. Once SDR receives the amount, your booking is confirmed and an official SDR receipt is issued.Payment options:

    1. Telegraphic Transfer (electronic transfer) to SDR bank account
      • SDR Mactan Apartments Inc.
      • Account #: 657-2-65700903-7
      • Bank: Metrobank
      • Branch: Cebu, Mactan MEPZ
      • Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
    2. Western Union (WU)
      You can pay cash to the nearest WU outlet in your area or online using your credit card.If you pay cash, WU requires the following details:

      • Payee Name: SDR Mactan Apartments Inc.
      • Address: SDR Apartments Kiener Hills, Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015

      Upon payment to WU, please e-mail us the MTCN receipt number, and we will e-mail an official SDR receipt for your records.

      If you pay online via WU , the payee details and address is the same as above

    3. Credit Card
      When using your credit card to pay for your reservation, fill in the credit card reservation form, scan it, and e-mail or fax to SDR +63-32-340-7902.

Example of Internet Promo Rate (GST inclusive):
1. Advance Internet Promo Cash Rate for one-bedroom apartment via Western Union or SDR Bank Account

      • Monthly Rate: PHP 47,942
      • Daily Rate: PHP 2,400

Please note that there is NO reservation unless we have received “cleared funds” for the first-month rent or for the period you are staying if your stay is less than a month. Rooms are strictly available on a first come, first serve basis.

Most apartment and hotel operations charge a security/cash deposit (usually by swiping your card and holding a hefty amount). How about SDR?

SDR requires a cash or credit card refundable deposit of only US$200, payable upon check-in. This deposit can be used as an advance payment for services provided by SDR. In the (unlikely) event of any damage or loss to SDR property, charges would be deducted from this amount.
For monthly rental, how many days are considered in a calendar month at SDR?

For a one-month stay, a calendar month is 28 days from check-in. For a yearly package, you are billed on the 1st of each month. You may check in at 2:00 pm and check out at 12:00 pm on the day of your departure. Charges (PHP 240 per hour) will apply to late checkouts.
Security and Location
Are there any nice restaurants, supermarkets, banks, retail stores, malls, or golf courses close to SDR Apartments?

We have the award-winning “La Bella Pizza & Bistro” on the ground floor of our building. Serving their famous thin-crust pizza, home-made pasta and a selection of fresh salads and Italian deserts. Open from breakfast to late at night, La Bella offers a great spot for you to relax and dine on yummy cuisine. And within a five-minute walk, you will discover over 100 shops at the Marina Mall Complex. A whole host of high standard, economical international restaurants (Australian, French, Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese, European, Thai, American, etc.) and a myriad of very reasonably priced local dining options abound in the area.There is a large modern supermarket with local fresh produce sections, banks, ATMs, Western Union, Adidas Sports wholesalers, Levis Factory outlets, travel agents, and many other retail outlets.Watch Cebu’s famous sunset in Vue Bar & Resto at the Cebu Yacht Club with a backdrop of Cebu’s mountains and sea. The club is open to the public and offers excellent food in a gem of a location right on the waterfront.Quality dining options are also available at the Waterfront Hotel, a few minutes away from SDR Apartments. You also have plenty of other excellent dining options in the nearby five-star Cebu hotels (approximately 10 minutes by car from SDR).And yes, there is a golf course within a five-minute drive from SDR Apartments.

Is it safe around SDR, and is the location good?

SDR is a secure complex in a peaceful neighborhood and with English-speaking guards on duty 24/7. The rear of the property butts up to a nature reserve. The neighborhood and surrounding streets are safe even at late hours. The local high school is few minutes down the road and you will regularly see school children walking the streets late at night on their way home from the late shift at school.The location is very convenient, less than five minutes to dozens of stores at the Marina Mall Complex, supermarkets, restaurants, malls, golf course, airport, etc. Check out a clear satellite picture of our location through Google Earth. Our Video will also give you a brief glimpse of the Marina Mall Complex.
Do the apartments have individual safety deposit boxes and do I need to register guests?

For your convenience, each SDR apartment has its own electronic safety deposit box. As with most hotels, it is wise to place anything of value to you have in the security box. If you have very expensive items, SDR can also place your item/s in our office under lock and key. A standard policy of SDR is to register all of our guests. We also urge our guests to always use discretion and caution (as you would in any city anywhere in the world) when inviting newfound friends to your apartment. SDR does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen property.
I note that you will be constructing more apartments for SDR guests and adding more rooms. Does the construction of these works affect the tenants of the apartments?

The remaining renovation work (adding more apartments) is from 8 am to 5 pm Mondays thru Saturdays. SDR has created special rates to compensate guests for any inconvenience.
About Cebu
What websites do you recommend for further info on Mactan Island and Cebu Island?

Cebu Lifestyles is a good website for more insider information on Cebu and Mactan islands. Do check out our Cebu Attractions pages for great guides and tips for your Cebu travel and exploration: Cebu Island, Mactan Island,Cebu Beaches, Cebu Diving, Nature, Golf Courses, Restaurants and Bars, Cebu Nightlife, and Historic and Cultural Sites. You can also check out our SDR Tours if you want to explore Cebu’s nearby islands.
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