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Moalboal Tour for Adventure Seekers

Cebu province has a lot of places that can make your stay the best vacation experience. We encourage you to head out of the city and explore the rest of the island province. There is so much to do and experience. Head down to Moalboal town.

Moalboal is a municipality located 89 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. One of the top diving locations in the province, this small but vibrant town draws hundreds of tourists every day. For diving enthusiasts, Pescador Island is the place to be. Whether it’s snorkeling, scuba diving or free diving, you can do it all there. The reefs showcase a rich marine life that will truly dazzle divers. Spend hours underwater and be taken into a colorful world filled with nature’s gifts.

Apart from being a popular dive spot, Moalboal is also home to some of the finest beaches in Cebu. Beach lovers looking to spend time under the sun and enjoy the clear waters can head to this southern town. White sand beaches await you just 3-5 kilometers away from the main road. Majority of tourists stay at Basdako (White Beach) or Basdiot (Panagsama Beach). With numerous tourists coming in, accommodation is not a problem. Cottages, bars and restaurants are all over the place. It’s a wonderful place to mingle with locals and tourists alike.

Moalboal is not all beach and diving. It’s also a great spot for canyoning, trekking and river climbing which both tourists and locals enjoy. Thrill seekers come to this place to experience climbing, walking and traveling down creeks. If you’re into these kinds of adventures then Moalboal should be on your list.

At SDR, we want you to have the ultimate Cebu experience. We can arrange a Moalboal Tour for you and your companions. Our friendly staff can make sure your tour is smooth-sailing, convenient and most of all enjoyable.

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